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    September 21, 2011
    5:00 - 6:00am PDT  

>> two uc-berkeley graduates have have been released from iran jail after being there for two years. stephanie chuang reports. >> reporter: cnn reports that those hikers have been released to swiss diplomats just about 30 minutes ago. the lawyer for the two u.s. hikers said he would be in front of that prison where they have been held for 26 months now. he was supposed to be there at 3 p.m. tehran time or 3:30 this morning our time. a swiss embassy convoy pulled up to the prison. switzerland has been acting on behalf of washington after iran- u.s. ties have been severed. the attorney finally secured the signature needed from the second judge who just returned from vacation. he says right now there's just a, quote, minor technical hurdle that remains and that is the transfer of one million dollars in bail money though he foresees no problem with that. the actual time it will take for the two cal grads to
physically leave the jail could be minutes, hours. we are getting reports that they have been released. they were suspecting prison official or iran's justice ministry tried to delay it procedurally. all the major steps have been taken. we are also told that the two are headed to oman and again, there's unconfirmed reports that the family of these two hikers are waiting there. sure to be a huge homecoming. it's been a long two years for them. reunited also with their friend shourd. she was released last september. now, many say this is a political move. it's happening as the president of iran mahmoud ahmadinejad is visiting new york for a united nations general assembly session. so guys, a huge homecoming finally for these guys j absolutely. all right. we'll be watching. thanks, stephanie. the search is on for two people behind a shootout in san francisco. the gunfire hit a 5-year-old girl in the bayview district.
anne makovec is at the bayview police station with tools that may help identify the suspects. reporter: right now, they are looking through surveillance video that was taken from a store nearby because this happened in broad daylight. there were a lot of witnesses and police are searching for more of them, as well. trying to identify who they believe are two shooters in this case. the 5-year-old girl was walking with her father on 3rd street near palou avenue yesterday afternoon when at least four shots were fired. the little girl fell to the ground and at first, her father thought she had just tripped then saw she was shot in the knee. he carried her a few blocks, flagged down police, who got her to the hospital. she is in stable condition this morning. >> we're comb through surveillance video to find suspects. there were many people around at the time. if you saw anything or if you
heard anything or you heard rumors or seen anything on youtube, please contact the police department. >> reporter: police believe it was two shooters firing at one another and the girl was the unintended victim. they have not said whether this was a gang fight. you heard that officer mention youtube video. we have been combing the internet and haven't found anything uploaded thus far. but that surveillance video from the nearby market, that will be a major clue in the case. san jose police are focusing on a medical pot club as they investigate a suspected carjacker and murderer. yesterday, detectives served a search warrant at the treehouse marijuana collective on commercial street. police believe two people of connected to the operation helped paul castillo as they searched for him over the weekend. castillo is due in court. he will ender a plea this connection with a series of
crimes last friday. he is accused of shooting a man at a gas station and carjacking an kidnapping a woman at the plant shopping center. that victim 60-year-old cindy nguyen of campbell was found dead the next morning. police found castillo but he escaped. they arrested him finally on sunday in west sacramento. the owners of angie's bakery and restaurant on san pablo avenue discovered an employee's body in a restroom. she was last seen in the afternoon with customers. police are investigating a report of a fight outside but didn't find anything suspicious. police accidentally shot two bystanders over the weekend. 20-year-old jesus rodriguez allegedly pulled a gun on officers saturday night prompting them to open fire. he was later arrested but although rodriguez fit a suspect description, he was not
the man initially being investigated. he is still in custody on weapons and drug charges, though. and we're now learning more about the volunteer who helped find michelle le's body. >> that's right. it was carrie mcgonigle and her dog led authorities to the remains on saturday in niles canyon. her 14-year-old daughter amber due boy disappeared in 2009. -- dubois disappeared in 2009. it would be more than a year before that child's remains were found. >> every morning she would kiss me before school and tell me she loved me. >> in the meantime family and friends are planning a public memorial service for le. the only suspect arrested in her homicide investigation giselle esteban remains in jail. she will be back in court next week to finalize her legal representation. pg&e will be doing pipeline
tests this morning. today work is set to run from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. near ralston avenue interstate 280 and state highway 92. there will be an odor of gas so the utility does not want people to be alarmed. all right. on this wednesday, probably have been enjoying all the sun and heat. our weatherman is going for the hat trick, three straight days of great weather. >> did you see fog coming in? >> yes. >> a little thick at the coastline and we'll see more of that fog. that means cooling temperatures at the beaches. still hot in spots though inland but watch out for the fog today. it is dense right down on the surface only 500 feet thick but it is thick where it's at right now toward the beaches, along 280 and highway 1. watch out. still, temperatures right now 61 degrees concord, 60 oakland, 55 foggy in pacifica and 53 degrees and clear in santa rosa. by the afternoon, lots of sunshine and hot inland once again. 94 in concord.
about 94 in fairfield. 96 in livermore. you will see 80s around the bay and maybe even about 90 degrees in san jose for today. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic with elizabeth. >> outside we have a photographer standing by now. edgar is standing by on 101 near the mckee exit in san jose. so you can see everything is moving well in all directions. those headlights are moving northbound. we go to our maps we can tell you about an accident that popped up in the last few minutes or so. southbound 680 before crow canyon road right there in san ramon. we have an accident that appears to be blocking at least one lane, possibly two. we just got off the phone with chp. they say the car can't be moved. at least one lane is blocked. no major slowing for that area yet. we'll let you know if that changes. to the south bay we showed you that camera at 101 and 280 looks just as great out of downtown san jose. i mention that ramp closure overnight. it was just reopened. southbound 880 to northbound 280, so most of our overnight
roadwork in fact has been picked up all across the bay area. here's that fog lawrence has been talking about thicks across the golden gate bridge especially on the san francisco side of that span coming into the city. also a lot of fog reported on stretches of highway 1 through daly city and along the coastline. we'll have more traffic coming up. in the meantime back to you. >> thank you. their lips are sealed. the new drama in the solyndra investigation and what the state of california is now involved in. pushing for peace at the u.n. president obama's strategy to solve the mideast tensions and the pricy dinner he is planning here in the bay area. is google taking over the world?! why the search engine's ceo is getting grilled in washington, d.c. today. ,, ,,
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good morning. welcome back. well, your bay bridge commute looks good into san francisco. we are following a crash in san ramon on southbound 680. we'll give you all the details on that coming right up. 5:11. president obama will address the u.n. general assembly this morning. the new libyan flag is currently flying above the united nations as the u.n. recognizes the transitional council as libya's legitimate government but that hasn't been the biggest issue at this week's meeting. what has dominated the meeting is a possible palestinian state. president obama will meet today with palestinian leader mahmoud abbas hoping to convince him to back off his bid for statehood. >> the president will be able to say very directly why we believe that actions at the u.n. is not the way to achieve a palestinian state. >> the president will also meet with benjamin netanyahu before delivering his address. next week the president
will return to silicon valley. sunday he will attend fundraisers at private homes in woodside and in atherton. the event will cost more than $35,000 a couple. monday the president will take part in a linkedin town hall meeting at the computer history museum in mountain view. today a top silicon valley executive is in the nation's capital. google's ceo eric schmidt will answer questions from senators about the mountain view company's dominance in the internet search business. the purpose of the hearing is to explain the power of google serving consumers of threatening competition. senators are trying to determine whether google has been unfair in competing with other search engines and how the company's actions may affect people who use the internet. and the top two execs of fremont-based solyndra are expected to plead the fifth. both are scheduled to appear friday before a congressional committee investigating the
solar company's sudden shutdown. the federal government pumped more than a half billion dollars into solyndra which closed its doors you may recall, last month. we also have learned california helped the company with a $34 million tax break just last november. time now 5:13. adoptions on hold at a bay area shelter. the fast spreading infection that's killing rescued cats coming up. >> and stop your car from getting towed before it happens. the new plan to help drivers save hundreds of dollars. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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cnn is reporting that u-c berkeley alumni josh fattald have been released back now at 5:16. in the headlines this morning, cnn reports that uc-berkeley alumni josh fattal and shane bauer have been released from iranian prison. the hikers are still at the prison, some say, though, and paperwork is still being handle. earlier today their attorneys said iranian courts have approved a $1 million bail for a freedom deal. a 5-year-old girl recovering this morning from a san francisco shootout was caught in the crossfire in the bayview district yesterday. officers are searching for two suspects. the federal reserve is expected to announce a plan to boost the nation's slumping economy to reduce unemployment. most expect them to shift money
out of short-term securities into long-term holdings. >> good morning, bay area. time to talk weather. we have some great weather coming up although we have seen changes overnight. patchy fog has moved in along the coastline and some of that very thick now. so be careful out toward the beaches. we have mostly clear skies inland and, of course, the interior valleys nice and clear as high pressure sits over head and those temperatures starting out very mild in many spots. this afternoon hot again inland. you will see those temperatures soaring well into the 90s plenty of 80s inside the bay. but at the coast changes, patchy fog and temperatures beginning to cool off. i think that trend likely to continue over the next few days. still fairly mild to begin with into san jose at 64 degrees. 64 in mountain view. 61 in livermore. and 60 degrees in oakland. that fog the story this morning as it's moved in along the coastline showing more of a sea breeze kicking in and how strong the sea breeze is will determine how hot the temperatures are going to get for today. still it will be hot inland, no relief from the heat there
and a "spare the air" day in effect as high pressure sits overhead. hot in the valleys, as well. 98 fresno, 97 and sunny in sacramento. heading up to the high country, 92 yosemite. the next couple of days we are going to see these temperatures cooling off so enjoy it while we have it. you will see 96 in morgan hill, 90 santa clara, about 67 degrees in pacifica today. intier san francisco at 78 degrees, a tricky forecast. if the sea breeze kicks in earlier, it will be lower than that. still hot inland. it looks like we are going to see patchy fog increasing and then partly cloudy skies much cooler temperatures as we head in toward the weekend. e head >> at least we get to enjoy it while it lasts. >> which is the first weekend of fall by the way. how about that. >> of fall. >> good to know. >> yeah. okay. [ laughter ] >> we'll leave it at that. how about some traffic, elizabeth, huh? >> we can tell you the fog is really out there. we can see it in a lot of our
traffic cameras including the golden gate bridge coming in a san francisco. in fact, check out how foggy this shot is. it just keeps getting thicker as the morning continues. it's really not impacting your drive through marin county except visibility will be an issue. so far chp hasn't issued an official fog advisory but heading into san francisco pretty thick out there. central freeway a little foggy out there or blurry coming into or out of san francisco. it is another "spare the air" day, so so far mass transit is on time. we'll continue to watch this all morning but for right now bart has all trains with no delay. ace train number one is fine. bart, ace, muni and caltrain all on time. we have an accident not causing major delays but up to two lanes are blocked according to chp. it's in san ramon southbound 680 at crow canyon road. now, at last check, chp was on scene. this was an accident involving a couple of cars and again at least one was pretty unmovable so they were trying to rush a
tow crew to the scene. that's the latest. we'll let you know if it causes backups. we'll check 880 in oakland on our next traffic hit. back to you. the situation is grim as the san jose city council gets an early start on next year's budget. it is expected to include cuts even deeper than those for this year which laid off dozens of police officers and cut hours at libraries and community centers. the next budget could completely shut down those community centers and all but one library. in addition, the jobs of police and firefighters could be in jeopardy again. the deficit for the next fiscal year is going to be up to $150 million possibly. if you get a text before you get towed, that could be good. david chiu wants to warn residents of costly towing violation before they happen. that would be nice. >> please. >> under his proposal, e-mails and text messages would send out warning of temporary or
permanent tow-away zones. the system would be incorporated into the sf park pilot program that check tropic cloudy finds parking -- that electronically finds parking spaces. it's already used in denver and chicago. >> that's good. you see people racing out of restaurants, oh, my god, i got to go. >> you get a ticked and have to pay for the tow. it's charlie versus ashton. who is the real ratings king on "two and a half men"? we'll tell you. >> all six products came back positive for bpa. >> a new warning for parents, the health concerns in popular kids' canned foods. coming up. ,,,,
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bpa may increase the risk of breast and prostate cancer as well as start puberty early. doctors say avoiding that threat isn't cheap or easy. >> if you want to avoid bisphenol a for your children you're going to be eating organic food and paying premium prices for things. and that shouldn't be the way it is. >> inexpensive bpa-free alternatives include dry pasta, jarred sauce, boxed macaroni and cheese as well as fresh fruit. santa clara county's animal shelter is trying those off an outbreak of feline distemper. it is a swift deadly disease that can kill cats in a few days. two cats have already died. so the shelter in san martin has quarantined all 175 cats and put a hold on all adoptionings. the shelter is overloaded since it took on several dozen cats from a hoarding case. they will be trying to find homes for the cats once the
quarantine is lifted in two weeks. it looks like the newes star on "two and a half men" living up to all the hype. >> certainly did. show number one ashton kutcher's debut grabbed the biggest ratings ever for the cbs sitcom. [ screaming ] >> according to nielsen, nearly 28 million people tuned in to see the premiere monday night. that's more than any episode when charlie sheen was on "two and a half men." so far, so go . coming up, we continue to follow the latest with the two american hikers still in prison in iran. >> we are getting reports that the cal grad have been released. what cbs sources at the iranian prison are telling us ard where the families are expected to reunite. a 5-year-old girl shot in broad daylight on her way home from school. we'll tell you where the
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. bail is now paid for the two hikers in iran. the new details we are just
learning about coming up. it has been sunny and hot around the bay area. but some fog has moved in along the coast what does that mean for the forecast? we'll have details coming up. it is really thick. be careful crossing the golden gate bridge this morning. no official fog advisory, but visibility an issue. we'll show you bridges and update you on the accident in san ramon coming up. good morning. it is wednesday, september 21. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. we begin with breaking news out of iran. there are reports that two uc- berkeley graduates have been released from an iranian prison. they spent the past two years there. stephanie chuang joins with us the very latest developments. a lot going on there. >> reporter: a lot going on just in the last hour. cnn reports that they have been released but our sources on the ground actually at the prison are saying that the two are still physically at that prison, still filling out the paperwork. the lawyer for shane bauer and josh fattal went to get them at 3:00 tehran time in the afternoon, 3:30 this morning our time. at the prison is where the two
cal grads have been held for 26 months now. a swiss embassy convoy had also pulled up to the prison for the release. switzerland has been acting on washington's interests after iran's ties with the u.s. were severed. now, this is all happening after a second judge finally signed off on bail paperwork that was actually supposed to happen sunday but he had been on vacation. bauer and fattal's attorneys say there is a minor technical hurdle remaining, the transfer of $1 million in bail money. but the good news is he does not see any problem with that. we hear the two may be headed to oman and there are unconfirmed reports that their families are waiting there. that is sure to be of course a huge homecoming. also reuniting with their friend sarah shourd released last september. she was also released to oman. the timing of this release is widely regarded as political. it's all happening as iran president mahmoud ahmadinejad is visiting new york for a
united nations general assembly session. he is supposed to speak thursday. it's been very controversial, of course. but they are going to be home. >> yeah. all those steps following just like the way sarah shourd was released, so it looks like it could be even better news, you know, no snags. >> exactly. >> reporter: the attorney doesn't foresee any major problems with that. so here's hoping. >> and the family, can you just imagine the parents of those two men? >> they have been fighting for this whole time. >> reporter: they really have been keeping it alive in the media so it's just unbelievable. we'll have to see their homecoming later on. >> can only imagine. thank you, stephanie chuang. a five-year-old girl shot in san francisco's bayview district. anne makovec is at the bayview police station with the search for that gunman. she joins with us more. anne, good morning. >> reporter: you might imagine, frank, police are under a lot of pressure to solve this crime as soon as possible because the victim is a 5-year-old girl. right now they are looking through surveillance video from a store near the scene hoping to identify two shooters in
this case. here's a look at the scene from yesterday afternoon. this happened around 4:30 here in the bayview. 5-year-old girl walking with her father along third street near palou avenue when at least four shots were fired. the little girl fell to the ground and at first, her dad thought she had just tripped but then he saw that she was shot in the knee. he carried her a few blocks, flagged down police, who got her to the hospital. and she is going to live. but she is still in the hospital this morning. >> she was an unintended victim and we believe that there are two different people shooting at one another. it's a tragic situation where a young child is walking down the street and has been shot. our hearts go out to the families and to the little girl. >> reporter: they are looking for two shooters they believe were firing at each other. they haven't said yet whether or not this was a gang fight. and they are still looking for more witnesses. we know there are a lot out there because this did happen again in the middle of the
afternoon. so if you saw or heard anything, please call police. frank? >> okay, anne, thanks very much. it is 5:34 now. there's a new focus on a marijuana shop as san jose police investigate a suspected carjacker and murderer. detectives searched a search warrant at the treehouse marijuana collective on commercial street yesterday. police believe two people connected to the operation helped paw ray castillo elude -- paul ray castillo elude police. he is accused of carjacking, kidnapping and murder. 5:34 now. the woman who helped find michelle le's body is scheduling a news conference today in san diego. her dog was the one who led authorities to le's remains on saturday. carrie mcgonigle's 14-year-old daughter amber dubois was murdered in 2009. >> every morning she would wake
me up before she left for school and give me a kiss and tell me she loved me. >> family and friends are planning a public memorial service for le. the suspect giselle esteban is going to court next week to finalize her legal representation. a woman found dead in a restaurant bathroom, now richmond police are searching for her killer. police say that the owner of angie's bakery and restaurant discovered an employee's body around 7:30 last night. the woman was last seen alive inside the restaurant with customers during the afternoon. police investigated reports of a fight outside but didn't find anything suspicious. san francisco police admit they shot the wrong man when two bystanders were accidentally hit. 20-year-old jesus rodriguez allegedly pulled a gun on officers saturday night prompting them to fire. he was later arrested but although rodriguez fit a suspect description, he was not the man initially being
investigated. he's still in custody, though, on weapons and drug charges. time to check in with mr. popularity with this kind of weather. >> he has a little fog around the golden gate bridge, other than that lawrence has it done right. >> we are getting it done. folks will love the weather today as we see a lot of sunshine outside again today. it is going to be hot inland but we are starting to see signs of this ridge of high pressure breaking down. we have that with the fog out toward the coastline that's very thick out there this morning. so watch out for that. only a thin layer really about 500 feet but still thick enough to cause problems on the roads. concord checking in at 59 degrees now. 60 in oakland. 62 in san jose. and a cool 51 in santa rosa. by the afternoon, plenty of summer sunshine up well into the 90s inland, 80s around the bay, fog could be a concern on the road. right, elizabeth? >> we are really seeing it on the golden gate bridge camera. we'll get to that in just a minute. in the meantime, what am i showing? you san mateo bridge, everything actually looks okay
right now in either direction across the span westbound or eastbound 92. about 13 minutes. so bridges are not an issue this morning. much better news now in san ramon. all lanes open southbound 680 at crow canyon road so they did get that accident cleared quickly. it is a "spare the air" day, so you are encouraged to take mass transit. so far everything is on time for bart, ace, muni and caltrain and your ferries. back to you. >> thank you. a top silicon valley executive is on capitol hill today. google's ceo eric schmidt will have to answer questions about the mountain view company's dominance in the net search engines. senators are trying to determine whether google has been unfair in competing with other like companies and how its actions may affect people who use the internet. 5:38 now. president obama will address the u.n. general assembly in just under 90 minutes now. before that, though, he will meet with palestinian leader mahmoud abbas hoping to convince him to back off his
bid for statehood. >> the president will be able to say very directly why we believe that actions in the united nations is not the way to achieve a palestinian state. >> the president will also meet with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu before delivering his address. next week, the president will return here to the bay area, silicon valley, sunday attending fundraisers at some private homes in woodside and atherton. the atherton event is the pricy dinner that reportedly costs $35,000 a couple to attend. monday the president will take part in a linkedin town hall meeting at the computer history museum in mountain view. the top two executives of fremont-based solyndra are expected to plead "the fifth." both scheduled to appear friday before a congressional committee investigating the solar company's sudden shutdown. well, yesterday their lawyer said both will invoke their constitutional right not to answer questions. the federal government pumped more than a half billion
dollars into solyndra, which closed its doors last month. what we're also learning is that california helped that company with a $34 million tax break just last november. and today the federal reserve is expected to announce a plan, investors watching this very closely, to help boost the nation's slumping economy and reduce unemployment. most economist expect the fed to shift money out of short- term securities into longer- term holdings to reduce interest rates on business and loans. the approach named operation twist was used successfully in the early 1960s. >> here's hoping it works again. 5:40 now. a legendary singer criticized for his statement on 9/11. the comments from the one and only tony bennett coming up. >> and it is linked to cancer and other health problems. the toxic concern in some of kids' favorite foods. ,,,,
,this is your captain speaking, we are fourteenth in line for take off.
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good morning, bay area. another hot day in parts of the bay area although we have seen some fog moving along the coastline and that's very thick out toward the beaches. inside the bay, we have mostly clear skies. it is clear and mild in many spots inland although a little cool in parts of the north bay right now but by the afternoon, it's all about that summer sunshine and the heat. well into the 90s many spots inland. you will see mostly sunny skies, 80s inside the bay and 60s with a couple of patches of fog out toward the coast. things are changing just a little bit in the atmosphere. 62 degrees right now san jose. 61 in livermore. 51 degrees though in santa rosa. mostly clear skies. but the fog has pushed back in along the coast a sign of the ridge of high pressure starting to weakening, beginning to see more of an onshore push. still it's going to be hot and
another "spare the air" day as we are seeing pollutants trapped at the surface. temperatures in the 90s in the interior is valleys today. 98 degrees in fresno. 97 in sacramento. 100 degrees in ukiah. well, it looks like those temperatures are going to heat up in the south bay again. plan on 90 in san jose, 87 in fremont. east bay temperatures in the 90s in many spots as temperatures soaring in the afternoon. san francisco checking in about 78 degrees. if that sea breeze kicks in early it will be cooler than that but right now we'll count on warm temperatures there, as well. 80s into oakland and also san leandro. next couple of days we are going to see cooling temperatures but still hot inland much cooler temperatures over the weekend with some partly cloudy skies. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic with elizabeth. two new accidents just coming into the newsroom. the first one northbound 238 right before you reach 880 we are hearing about an accident having a big rig and another vehicle. and already we're seeing a little bit of slowing on our
sensors right behind that accident 238 238 tiny freeway there not a good sign. highway 4 is always busy. and so even when there's activity on the shoulder it always cause slowing and today is no exception. you can see some speeds even below 25 miles per hour so a long line of slow traffic at somersville road. fog as lawrence mentioned, big story this morning for the start of your morning commute. you can really see it as you head into san francisco across the golden gate bridge. now, chp has not issued an official fog advisory but we have a smog alert. it is a third "spare the air" day so you're encouraged to use mass transit if you can. and we want to let you know that bart systemwide is on time. we'll show you some more live traffic cameras. 880 through oakland right by coliseum everything looks great in those northbound lanes heading towards downtown oakland. later on this evening, we'll just mention it because we like
the as. as take on texas rangers at 7:05. so watch out for some extra heavy traffic later on this evening. and to the south bay we go now, most of our overnight roadwork has been picked up including in the south bay. coming out of downtown san jose, we can see a few more headlights there. usually when we go on at 4:30, you just see one travel towards the 880 interchange so getting a little bit busy this morning but so far, so good for your drive really all along the peninsula. remember kcbs once you do hit the roads. they're our radio partners. and you can find them at 740-am and 106.9-fm. back to you. >> thank you. let's check today's top stories. cnn is reporting that the uc- berkeley alumni josh fattal and shane bauer have been released from an iranian prison but cbs source on the ground are telling us that the two are still in custody because they are filling out paperwork. this morning, their attorney said that iranian courts have approved a million-dollar bail- for-freedom deal. a shootout in san francisco's bayview district
has injured a 5-year-old girl. she is recovering from gunshot wound this morning. officers are still searching for two suspects. and pg&e will be purging gas from a pipeline in san mateo county starting at 7 a.m. it's part of an ongoing series of pipeline tests in the wake of last year's deadly explosion in san bruno. attorneys in georgia plan to file a last-minute appeal to halt the execution of a convicted killer who reignited the death penalty debate. troy davis is scheduled for lethal injection this evening. the state's pardons board rejected clemency for him yesterday. he was convicted of killing an off-duty police officer. his attorney says it was based on flawed recanted testimony. music icon tony bennett in hot water today over comments on the 9/11 attacks. on the howard stern show he said the u.s. may have caused the violence. >> they flew the plane but we
caused it. >> why? because? >> because we were bombing them and they told to us stop. >> these comments upset the families of the 9/11 victims. he apologized on his facebook page saying there is no excuse for terrorism. a swarm of secret service officers outside the white house after a man tried to jump over the fence there. officers spotted him before he scaled the fence yesterday. president obama and the first lady were not inside at the time. officers will charge that man now with unlawful entry. well, the military is preparing for the first major withdrawal of troops from iraq this year. admiral mike mullen chairman of the joint chiefs of staffs says the total will fall to 30,000 in the next number of days, with 15,000 leaving. we may leave a few thousand there to train iraqi forces by
the end of the year. "don't ask, don't tell" is over and some gay service members can come out. for some, the process was more personal. 2-year-old airman randy -- 21- year-old airman randy phillips wanted to wait until the controversial military policy was repealed before coming out to his father in alabama. the tense conversation was made via cell phone while phillips was stationed in germany. >> dad, i'm gay. [ pause ] >> gay? >> like always have been, have known since forever. i mean, i didn't want you to find out any other way. you still love me? >> i still love you, son. >> are you okay, dad? >> doesn't change our relationship. >> well, for months before the call to his parents, phillips had posted anonymous videos on youtube about serving as a gay man in the military. >> it is 5:49 now. taking the pain out of
botox treatments. the new alternative to using needles. >> i never heard this happening before. yes, there was lots of excitement. >> the special delivery on a plane bound for san francisco. that's still ahead. ,,,,,,,,
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results say it is effective in getting rid of crow's feet around the eyes. they still need fda approval and would only be used in a doctor's office. some people want to do away with vericose veins. a new study confirms that lasers might be the leaves invasive answer for that problem. the treatment is faster and doesn't require an overnight stay in the hospital like other procedures do. doctors say exercise one of the most effective ways to prevent vericose veins. the world's largest sperm bank is no longer accepting donors from redheads. there is a lack of demand. most prefer darker hair. denmark, germany and ireland request redheaded donors most frequently. a new study reveals a potentially harmful bpa is present in the lining of canned
pastas and soups. market the to kid. it may increase the risk of breast and prostate cancer and trigger an early puberty. it includes dried pasta, sauce in glass jars and fresh fruits and vegetables. there was a surprise in the air for a woman heading to san francisco. >> she arrived with an extra piece of luggage, a little baby boy. it was bound for manila to san francisco. when the plane landed the new passenger and his mom were taken to a hospital in burlingame. >> i never heard this happen before. there was lots of excitement. i think we heard the people from the airport saying that this hasn't happened in anybody's memory. the woman in charge of the birth center here more than 30 years can't recall this happening. >> the mother named her son kevin remar francis domingo. she added francis as a nod to
san francisco. >> i guess there were three nurse on board. lucky for them they all happened. 15-minute of labor, here comes kevin. >> incredible! >> i like that. >> the longest 15 minutes of her life. >> when you have to go, you have to go. >> thanks to lawrence i'm getting in trouble. >> again. >> yeah. >> well, stay over in the weather center. great weather around the bay area. hot in spots again. we have 80s inside the bay, 90s in the valleys. some patchy fog moved in along the coastline to cool the temperatures down. we'll see slow cooling over the next couple of days and as we head in toward the first full weekend of fall we have partly cloudy skies, much cooler temperatures are in the forecast. probably going to keep things down just a bit in through monday before warming up toward the middle of next week. it's traffic time now with elizabeth. >> it is. unfortunately, traffic time
does not look too good in san lorenzo. 880 accident with a big rig and car. according to several members of the kcbs phone force, including connie and chris, they all tell us that that big rig is blocking the right lane northbound 238. three other cars are on the shoulder. traffic is stacking up to 580 but it looks like the delays are growing. sensors picking up slowing even beyond that interchange. outside live look at 880 the nimitz, great so far past the coliseum. no issues towards downtown and just some slight delays through the bay bridge. no metering lights yet. give it another 20 minutes or so and this camera will look different. >> a little ugly. >> yeah. beat the rush for now. >> stay home and watch us. >> that's true. just chill. >> thanks a lot? >> guys. 5:56 now. this is coming up in the next half hour. >> we are going to have the latest on the hikers in iran. >> we are getting unconfirmed reports that they have been released. our cbs sources say they are
still in jail. the latest in just minutes. and the police are looking through surveillance video right now after a 5-year-old girl was shot on her way home from school. we have the latest on the investigation coming up. okay, anne. and a bizarre twist in a san jose crime spree. why a marijuana shop is now at the center of attention. all coming up. ,, ,,,,,,
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went down. bloop ung girl... shot while walkin two hikers about to walk out of prison in iran. we are about to tell you how it happened. >> a young girl shot while walking home from school. the search for the gunman. get ready for more heat around the bay area. but we are seeing some fog moving along the coastline. what does that mean for our forecast? we'll talk about that coming up. and we have an accident involving a big rig on
northbound 23 in san lorenzo. traffic is stacking up toward the castro valley y. we'll have details coming up. good morning. i'm grace lee. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. it's wednesday, september 21. it's nearly 6:00 now. we begin with two uc-berkeley alum reportedly being processed for release from an iranian prison that they spent for two years as spies. >> stephanie chuang has the developments. >> reporter: in the last hour it's very fluid. we are hearing a lot from our sources on the ground there at the prison who say that the two hikers are still physically in prison filling out the paperwork although cnn says they are released. >> we are also hearing that earlier our cbs sources saw the attorney for shane bauer and josh fattal walking into the prison with swiss diplomats and with representatives from oman where they may head first when they leave iran. al